Listen to Me

After seventy years in captivity and exile, God’s people were finally allowed to return to Israel, their homeland. It would take a lot of work to rebuild their homes and their lives. But their first priority, of course, was to rebuild God’s temple! Somehow, not surprisingly, they kept getting distracted. Running around in circles. Focusing on the wrong things.

Five times in the two short chapters that make up the book of Haggai, God says to His people: “Give careful thought…” (1:5, 7, 2:15, 18) “Give careful thought…”

In other words, “Stop…think about it!” or “Pay attention!” You can almost see God as a Father cupping His child’s face between His hands, tipping his or her chin upward, insisting on eye contact: “Now listen to Me!”

Like the people of Judah, we sometimes get so busy and distracted with the daily-ness of living that we lose perspective.…

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No Other Stream


Hi I’m Christin Ditchfield and this is Take It To Heart!

In The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis, a girl named Jill suddenly finds herself in a mysterious forest in a strange and mysterious world. She wanders about for hours until she’s hot, tired, desperately thirsty, but when she comes across a stream, she can’t drink from it – because standing beside it is a fierce-looking lion.…

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The Back of the Book

Have you ever gotten caught up in a thriller – an intense movie or novel that has you sitting on the edge of your seat?

As scene after scene unfolds, you’re gripped with suspense, anxious to know how it all turns out. You rack your brains for everything you’ve ever heard about this story… will there be a traditional happy ending? Or is this one of those contemporary tales, where evil triumphs and everyone that isn’t dead is devastated?…

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A Thorn in the Flesh

Do you ever feel like a failure in your relationship with Christ?

Is there an area of your life where it seems that victory escapes you? You struggle and struggle to overcome that weakness or temptation or face that fear. But you keep falling on your face. You’ve prayed and prayed. You’ve begged God to help you. But for some reason He has yet to deliver you.…

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