Precious In His Sight


Have you ever been asked on a job application just when you got your first tooth? Did an employer ever want to know how old you were when you took your first step, or what your first words were? The truth is, nobody really cares – but don’t tell that to your mother. She spent hours writing it all down in your baby book. She cherished every memory, told the stories over and over to all your friends and relatives until your were thoroughly embarrassed and sick of it all.…

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What Do You Know?


We live in the Information Age, a time when we’re bombarded with information, reports, statistics, surveys. We get them in our email, on our cell phones, in books, newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, internet.

There’s a never-ending parade of experts offering their input and advice — often presenting it in such a way that we feel compelled to run right out and do whatever they suggest or face dire consequences.…

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More Than a Mantra

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

That verse I just quoted, Philippians 4:13, is a favorite verse of many believers. For some it’s almost become a “mantra” – a Christian version of an affirmation – to be repeated over and over in order to achieve the kind of positive mental attitude that will guarantee success in sports, in school, in business, and in life.…

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Surely It Was for My Benefit

As Christians, one of the biggest mistakes we make is to run from suffering. We’ll do anything to avoid pain. We consider our trials and tribulations as evidence that God has abandoned us or that we’ve somehow fallen from His grace. We desperately want our lives to be happy and pain-free.

As our Creator, God knows that the only way we can be truly happy is for us to become more like His precious and perfect Son, Jesus.…

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