Super Stain Remover

Hi I’m Christin Ditchfield and this is Take It To Heart!

These days it seems we’re constantly being inundated with advertisements for cleaning products. With the incredible power of oxygen or citrus fruit or kickboxing chemical agents, they claim to remove “even the toughest stains” from any surface – under any circumstance. Some of these products really are rather remarkable. Too bad none of them can be taken internally. None of these amazing liquids or powders can make us feel clean inside. None of them can erase the wounds to our spirits, wipe away the mistakes of our past, wash out the stain of our sin.

Like Lady MacBeth, we’re desperate to rid ourselves of the tell-tale sign of our guilt. We try everything we can think of, all the products that promise to purify: denial, selective memory, rationalization, pointing the finger or blaming others. We avoid people or situations that make us feel convicted. We do good works, hoping that they will somehow cancel out the bad ones. We go to elaborate lengths to cover up and hide our shame. Yet the stain remains.

When we finally reach the end of our own futile efforts, we fall on our faces before God, knowing we fully deserve His wrath and judgment. Only to hear Him say, “Come now, let us reason together… Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow.” (Isaiah 1:18)

God applies His very own “super stain-remover” to our hearts – the blood of Jesus, His Son – which cleanses us from all our unrighteousness. (1 John 1:7-9) The blood of Jesus gets out the most stubborn spots, it removes the darkest stains. It completely covers our guilt and shame and makes us pure again. It cost Him everything, but to us it’s free – if we receive and believe in His name.