Jesus Paid it All

Have you ever been deeply  in debt?

Hi I’m Christin Ditchfield with Take It To Heart Ministries.

Financial experts say many of us are in debt, to the tune of thousands and thousands of dollars. Credit card debt, mortgages, car payments, medical expenses, student loans. At times it seems insurmountable.

But you know what: There’s something far worse than consumer debt – it’s spiritual debt, and every one of us is drowning in it. We owe God more than we could ever, ever pay. He created us and the world we live in. He gave us life – the air we breathe, the food we eat, the place we lay our head. The ability to live and learn and laugh and love. He also gave us some simple rules to follow, Words to live by, standards to live up to.

But in our selfishness, our pride, our laziness, our greed – we have failed Him, every one of us. (Romans 3:10-11, 23) We’ve broken the rules, ignored the Word, fallen hopelessly short of the standard. And we’ve found that there’s a huge price to pay. Not only does our sin bring us misery in this life, but it threatens to separate us eternally from God – to keep us from experiencing His glorious presence in the life to come. (Romans 6:23)

With each selfish act, each unkind thought, with each less than honest word, we get deeper and deeper and deeper in debt. No amount of “good deeds” can offset that. And beating ourselves up over it (literally or figuratively) does nothing to pay down the debt.

Could you use some good news? In the words of the old hymnwriter, “Jesus paid it all, All to Him I owe; Sin had left a crimson stain; He washed it white as snow.”

Thanks to Jesus the debt has been canceled. The penalty has been paid. He gave His life to satisfy our debt. Our salvation cost Him everything, but to us it’s free. All we have to do is believe it – and receive it – in His name.