Three Things Facing Fear Has Taught Me


Hi I’m Christin Ditchfield with Take It To Heart!

All of my life, in one way or another I’ve battled fear – worry, anxiety, stress. It’s something I think every one of us must face. It affects us all, in different ways, at different times, in different seasons of our lives.
Looking back, reflecting on my own personal spiritual journey, I see three particularly important things I’ve learned that I’d like to share with you.
1. God used my fear to draw me to Him. Some of the sweetest, deepest, richest experiences I’ve ever had in my relationship with Him, the times when I have felt His presence most powerfully, when I have heard His voice most clearly, came about as a direct result of the suffering I endured. The desperation I felt. The determination to press in and grab hold of Him – only to find that it was He who’d grabbed hold of me.
2. It is possible to be set free from fear. Free from its stranglehold. Free from its domination and control. I’ve experienced it myself. I’ve been set free. Yes, sometimes I still feel fear, sometimes I still battle fear, sometimes I’m still tempted to fear, but I don’t live in fear. Not anymore. It’s hard to put into words the difference that makes.
3. When I feel afraid now, I see that as an alert, an indicator, or a warning. It helps me know that something isn’t right. Either I am in some kind of danger and I need to be alert and on guard, or there are some heart issues going on that I need to deal with. Once again it brings me to the feet of Jesus.
And that’s right where I want to be!
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