Words of the Wise


Hi I’m Christin Ditchfield with Take It To Heart!

If you read through the letters written by Jesus’ Disciples in the Bible, you’ll find that over and over, they warned believers about the dangers of offering hospitality to false teachers. In those days, spiritual teachers used to travel door-to-door. They’d find a family willing to take them in, and then preach to the community from their new home base.

In this day and age, it’s hard to imagine a “false teacher” showing up on our doorstep – or that we would welcome them in, if they did. But the truth is that false teachers do show up all the time. And all too often, we let them come right in. These teachers disguise themselves in all kinds of ways –often as helpful news and information, even entertainment. But their purpose is to twist and distort the truth to make it serve their own agenda. We welcome them into our homes through the TV and movies we watch, the music we listen to, the books and magazines we read, the websites we visit. Sometimes, we even welcome these false teachers into our churches.

If we take a good look, we’ll see that their ideas and values and beliefs contradict the teachings of the Bible. The advice they offer is the kind of “worldly wisdom” that doesn’t come from God. We may think we can listen, without being taken in – that they won’t have an impact on our hearts and minds But all too easily, they can lead us astray. (2 John 7-11)

The words of warning given by the Disciples in the New Testament are still relevant to us today. We need to think long and hard about the voices we listen to, the “teachers” we allow our families to learn from, and whether or not their message lines up with the truth of God’s Word. If it doesn’t, we’ve got to show the “deceivers” the door.

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