Walking With a Limp


Do you walk with a limp?

Hi I’m Christin Ditchfield with Take It To Heart Ministries.

In her book Finding God When Life’s Not Fair, author Lee Ezell says she walks with a limp – and she doesn’t trust anyone who doesn’t! She’s actually referring to a spiritual condition rather than a physical one, something that happens to us when – like Jacob in the Old Testament – we’ve wrestled with God and man and have overcome. (Genesis 32:28)

Lee has been through more personal loss, pain, and suffering, than many of us can imagine – and she’s very real about how “unglamorous” and “unspiritual” the suffering feels. But she’s learned some powerful lessons – life-changing truths through it all. It’s not easy to grapple with the whys and wherefores, to struggle with the hurts and heartaches.

After “wrestling with God,” we often will “walk with a limp” – but the sign of our weakness is also a sign of strength, a badge of courage, a credential, if you will. It gives weight to our words, power to our personal testimony. It shows that we have the experience to back up our observations and insights. It gives us the authority to speak into the lives of others.

At times we may feel weary and worn out from the battle. But we know that we know that WE KNOW that God is who He says He is. That He is strong enough to handle all of our questions and doubts and fears, strong enough to carry us through the tumult of our lives, and that we can trust Him even when we don’t understand.

And there are worse things than walking with a limp!