Listen to Me


After seventy years in captivity and exile, God’s people were finally allowed to return to Israel, their homeland. It would take a lot of work to rebuild their homes and their lives. But their first priority, of course, was to rebuild God’s temple! Somehow, not surprisingly, they kept getting distracted. Running around in circles. Focusing on the wrong things.

Five times in the two short chapters that make up the book of Haggai, God says to His people: “Give careful thought…” (1:5, 7, 2:15, 18) “Give careful thought…”

In other words, “Stop…think about it!” or “Pay attention!” You can almost see God as a Father cupping His child’s face between His hands, tipping his or her chin upward, insisting on eye contact: “Now listen to Me!”

Like the people of Judah, we sometimes get so busy and distracted with the daily-ness of living that we lose perspective. We get our priorities all mixed up. We develop selective hearing and manage to miss much of what God is trying to say to us.

As a loving Father, God won’t let us get away with that. He will do whatever it takes to get our attention. Sometimes this includes hardship and suffering, discipline and correction, allowing us to experience the natural consequences of our carelessness or foolish choices.

If you’ve been running around like a chicken with your head cut off, meeting yourself coming and going… If you’ve been kicking and screaming and throwing a tantrum like a toddler…

STOP! HUSH! BE STILL! (Psalm 46:10)

Your Father has something He wants to say to you.

Learn to listen today!