Into Thin Air


Hi I’m Christin Ditchfield and this is Take It To Heart!

The Scriptures tell us that when the world was young, people lived a lot longer than they do today. In fact, prior to the Flood, most men lived to be over 900 years old — with one notable exception: in Genesis 5:21 we read about Enoch. Enoch’s father lived to be 962; Enoch’s son, 969. …

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Where’s the Fruit?

Hi I’m Christin Ditchfield with Take It To Heart!

Years and years ago, there was a clever commercial that featured a little old lady ordering a hamburger in a fast-food restaurant. When the burger arrived, she lifted the top of the bun, only to find a tiny gray speck where she expected the meat. Remember her question?  “Where’s the beef?”

You know, if that sweet little old lady could examine the Body of Christ today, I think she’d have a different question:  “Where’s the fruit?” In John 15:16, Jesus said, “I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit – fruit that will last.”  Fruit is the product of something, the result. …

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Drop the Stone!

Hi I’m Christin Ditchfield and this is Take It To Heart!

There’s a powerful scene in John 8, where Jesus is confronted by the Pharisees and teachers of the law. They bring to Him a woman caught in adultery and they remind Him that the Law of Moses says she should be stoned to death. When they ask Jesus what He thinks of the matter, He replies simply, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

The Scripture says “Those who heard began to go away, one at a time, the older ones first…” (John 8: 9)

“The older ones first” – have you ever noticed that? …

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In the Arms of the Father

Do you have a favorite Scripture?  Hi I’m Christin Ditchfield …

Over the years, I’ve discovered that I have many favorite Scripture verses. There are Scriptures that challenge me, Scriptures that humble me, Scriptures that inspire me, and some that puzzle me. Then there are the scriptures that make me weep.  I found one of those in Deuteronomy 1:30-31.

The word “deuteronomy” means “repetition of the law.” In this series of sermons, in essence his “farewell address,” Moses reminds the Children of Israel to keep God’s commandments and honor their covenant with Him.…

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