Donkeys Still Talk

Is a donkey trying to talk to you today?

Remember the story of Balaam in Numbers 22? Balaam was a prophet who set out on a mission that wasn’t of God – so God sent an angel with a sword to block the way. Balaam was oblivious to the angel. He couldn’t see the danger before him, but his donkey could. That poor little animal ran every which way in a desperate attempt to avoid the carrying his master into harm’s way – only to be beaten again and again. Finally God loosened the donkey’s tongue, and in one of the most striking miracles of the Bible, the donkey let loose on Balaam!

“What have I ever done to deserve this? Can’t you see…?”

My good friend Virelle Kidder has written a book called <em>Donkeys Still Talk</em>. She points out that many of us find ourselves blocked or hindered in our plans by difficult people and trying circumstances. One problem after another. We just can’t seem to move ahead. These things keep getting in the way! But Virelle suggests these “obstacles” – annoying as they seem – might just have been put there by God Himself. He may have something really important that He wants to say to us. But we’re so intent on our path, so focused on our project or mission. This is the only way He can get our attention, get us to stop dead in our tracks – and really listen!

It may be that we’ve missed something… that we’re headed in the wrong direction… that we’re moving too soon …or too fast. It may be that we need to wait for information or help or answers to prayer that are even now on the way.

So I’ll ask you again: Is a donkey trying to talk to you today? Don’t ignore the interruption, don’t resent the complication or the delay. Stop right where you are. Ask God to open your eyes … and your ears… and your heart… to whatever He might want to say!