He Who Kneels


Do you ever feel intimidated by other people? Outshined, overshadowed, insignificant?

Experts have all kinds of suggestions for how you might boost your confidence and self-esteem…. For instance, you might begin by practicing positive self-talk or attending an assertiveness-training seminar. You could make a list of things you like about yourself and focus on those things – or make a list of things you don’t like and work on changing them.…

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The VIP Treatment

Are you a VIP?

Hi  I’m Christin Ditchfield and this is Take It To Heart!

If you’ve ever been designated a V.I.P., you know how powerful those three little letters are! Very Important People get special treatment – free tickets to the hottest events – and front row seats! Bags full of swag. The best table in the restaurant, the longest limousine. When you’re a V.I.P., people treat you with great courtesy and respect.…

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Precious in His Sight

Have you ever been asked on a job application just when you got your first tooth? Did an employer ever want to know how old you were when you took your first step, or what your first words were? The truth is, nobody really cares – but don’t tell that to your mother. She spent hours writing it all down in your baby book. She cherished every memory, told the stories over and over to all your friends and relatives until your were thoroughly embarrassed and sick of it all.…

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Flowers or Weeds

Hi I’m Christin Ditchfield and this is Take It To Heart!

A wise person once said, “Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds; the harvest can either be flowers or weeds.”

It expresses a profound truth: The thoughts that we dwell on – the ones that we allow to take root – shape who we are and who we will become. Eventually they will determine the choices we make and the actions we take.…

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