How to Search Our Archives

Want to catch up on broadcasts you’ve missed — or find the reference of the Scripture you heard, or the name of the book or source of the quote Christin shared?

All of our broadcasts are available in our Take It To Heart!® archives. You can listen to the program or read a full transcript anytime. To browse through previous broadcasts, which are posted in the order in which they were aired (starting with the most recent), check out our Radio Archives.

Please note: Unfortunately we were unable to frequently update our archives at the beginning of 2018 — but those programs have aired before, so you can still find them by searching with a key word or phrase.

Use the “search” box here or in the dropdown menu (mobile) or top right corner of our site.

We no longer broadcast the program daily; however, some of our radio stations have asked for permission to continue airing previous broadcasts on their own schedule. Again, this means that you may not be able to locate a particular program by date, but you can find it through a key word search.

We’re happy to keep our archive available to our listeners as an extension of the radio ministry and Christin’s writing and speaking ministry. We hope and pray it will be a blessing to you!

Please remember that all of this is copyrighted material. (Some of the broadcasts are actually excerpts from Christin’s books.)

If you would like permission to reprint one of our transcripts in a church newsletter or magazine, for instance, or to re-post the material on your own website or blog, please contact us.

Thank you!

Take It To Heart Radio with Christin Ditchfield